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February 4, 2005 by Essencay
Welcome fellow explorers. Today we search for one of the most fundamental concepts of man....Time. Man has been measuring time since the beginning of recorded civilzation. Today we have a wide array of ways to display time on our desktops.

The most basic expression of time
that you can display on your desktop.

The taskbar clock... Of course you could always expand your  
taskbar and get more information, but
that just wastes a lot of screen space.

with day a...
February 3, 2005 by Essencay
So I tried to do the poll question on and I couldn't. Instead I got the following dialog warning message.....

Your current security settings do not allow you to send HTML forms.

I'm using IE6 on WinXP SP2, using these monitoring programs: Spybot S&D; MS Antispyware Beta; Norton's Internet Security 2005, have installed IE-SPYAD and XP's firewall diabled. All the above are with the latest patches or updates. I tried the poll question again with all th...
January 13, 2005 by Essencay
"Enhance your common file dialogs with additional features, including most recently used folders, shortcuts, sorting options, custom sizing, text shortcuts, grid lines, and more!"

I downloaded thru SDC, haven't tried it yet, curiously the above description from SDC makes complete sense and no sense to me at the same time. Exactly what does it do....screenshots anyone got one? Thanks
December 29, 2004 by Essencay
"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"....not talking about screenshots themselves, but just trying to point out up front that this thread could easily go in that direction and I would rather that folks remain civil when posting in this thread about screenshots...Thanks ahead of time

I'm no legal expert....

I am of the opinion that a screenshot is like a photo. Whether it is a picture of your desktop you captured or a picture of a Disney character you took while on vacation, you own the pictur...
December 24, 2004 by Essencay
Note: This author has never used any Media Player other than Windows Media Player and welcomes comments from winAMP users to show what your favorite features are in that software.

My Favorite Features of Window Media Player 10:

- Organize the media content and build a wide variety of playlists on your PC -
I have 244 hours of music from my CD collection using 19.63MB...don't know if that is a lot or not ...that I have been able to easily manage with the built-in playlists and playlists...
December 15, 2004 by Essencay
Is it possible to get a skinning readme included in the next version that's released? Also what type of images are supported? Thanks
December 9, 2004 by Essencay
Link The workshop at Skinartistry has been moved to the main Skinartistry Skinzone site. Now, not only can you submit windowblind skins for review, you can also submit WinAmp skins too!! So whether you're a budding skinner who needs some help getting started or an oldtimer that just needs someone to scan their skin for bugs, come on by and check it out.

Post your works and you'll get a fair and honest review from fellow skinners. If you have any questions, just PM the Shop's Keeper, NightTr...
November 10, 2004 by Essencay
Don't know if folks have seen this test or not. A different take on browsers, this one not focusing on security exploits but quality of]">Link
November 7, 2004 by Essencay
"Quite frankly, I think the table is set for us in the next election," said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. "We have lost just about everything that we can lose."

Something is broken with the Democratic Party and it needs an overhaul, it needs a new beginning and it needs to stop living in the past. I'm a conservative, but I still want valid choices and the best chance for this is the Democrats. This election, I wasn't presented with too many choices, I was presented wit...
November 6, 2004 by Essencay
Family is asleep right now, which is good. Susan looked whipped yesterday after her first day back to work. That's what short nights and a long workday will do to you. At least during the time when she was home, she could take catnaps when Patrick was sleeping. She's the greatest woman I know

Yesterday, since I had to work as well, Paddy spent the day with his grandma. That's the nice thing close families....never worrying about where Paddy is going to have to spend the day while we're both ...
October 12, 2004 by Essencay
At least that's what John Edwards would lead you to believe. Here is what John Edwards said yesterday....Quote "When John Kerry is the president people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk again". That is absolutely pathetic. More pathetic than the current Kerry ad with Michael J. Fox. How low do the Democratics have to go to try and get their party back in power? Just remember folks, that John Kerry chose this ambulance chaser as his running mate. Go ahead toss your decency and morality out...
September 29, 2004 by Essencay
The first in hopefully a series of articles about my life with my new son Patrick who came into our world on September 17, 2004

And so it begins, just about a week before Patrick was born I found out why my wife got me a brand new set of mechanics tools and a fine looking black Craftsman Tool Chest and Storage Cabinet last year for build stuff for my son. Not because I might have aspirations of one day finally learning how to change the oil in my own vehicles at worst or becom...
August 29, 2004 by Essencay
Editorial Note: This article is not supported by John Kerry, George Bush or any other politician coping with campaign finance reform's just my personal philosophy....and I'm Stephen Kelley and I endorse this article

The trouble is the liberal-left attitude of expectations and demands for universal socialism. Everything is a so-called God given right. Just cause you were born wearing a red, white and blue diaper with the Statue of Liberty's flame of freedom flying out of your butt ...
August 14, 2004 by Essencay
The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has just released a 29-page report "Effective Federal Tax Rates Under Current Law, 2001 to 2014" Link and I'm betting that most Americans will not take the time to read it. Why? Because it's 29-pages of statistics and tables. You know who understands this? American print media. If you go to Google News and look for articles about this report you'll find 200 hits Link about the impact that George Bush's tax cuts had and every single one of them play on our sh...